Company name: Autoopravovňa u Alexandra
Owner: Nagy Alexander
Ownershio: 100% privately owned, without foreign capital
Postal adress: Komárovská 42
821 06 Bratislava 214
Company adress: Komárovská 42
821 06 Bratislava 214
Date of estabilishment: 25. september 1990

The company “Autoopravovňa u Alexandra” offers its complete services in the field of automotive repair. It offers towing service (if required) with an own tow truck; full spare part service and quality workmanship done by experienced mechanics. The car service is equipped with state-of-the-art motor diagnostic and analyser technique.

The company also specialises in collision repair as well. The bodyshop is equipped with modular anchoring frame, complete power lock accessory tools for pulling, pushing, squeezing and stretching and with the accurate vehicle measuring system Blackhawk – SHARK.

The paintshop consists of four preparation boxes and one spray painting box. The paint mixer box brand is PPG.