Insurance inspections

Our car repair service offers insurance inspections for following insurance companies:

Our company enables you to make your payment with a so-called cover letter, which is issued by the contracted insurace companies. The insurance companies based on our invoice issue the cover letter. The sum on the cover letter equals the total sum minus the amount of own share, which is quoted in the insurance policy. What does it mean in real terms? After the client delivers the vehicle to our premises (Our company offers the services with its own tow truck) and we have finished the work on the vehicle, the client may take the vehicle as soon as he/she paid his/her own share of the costs (respectively VAT).

The quoting of damages of unroadworthy vehicles are done the representatives of each insurance company at the premises of our company within 48 hours. The damage quoting of roadworthy vehicles are done at the premises of the insurance companies. .

Finally some important information:

Cover letter can’t be issued if:

  • the investigation report by the authorities is unavailable
  • the report contains information about alcohol or drug consumption of the driver
  • the insurance policy wasn’t valid at the time of the accident
  • the payment of the sum is blocked by financial institution or company